NS Kang Shine In Debi’s Records Latest Punjabi Track Haani

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Debi’s Records is well-known for mixing contemporary productions and sounds with traditional Punjabi folk music. Debi’s Records has been able to introduce a new listener base to Punjab’s rich musical tradition because to this creative approach. Additionally, the label often releases amazing energetic tunes that become very famous.

Now that Debi’s Records has published their most recent single, “Haani,” they are carrying on the tradition of producing hits and have achieved yet another noteworthy success.

Haani Single Track

Haani song On March 14, 2024, the Punjabi music industry welcomed a new song titled “Haani,” released by Debi’s Records. This melody was unveiled not only on Debi’s Records’ official YouTube channel but also on major audio streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and others.

Haani By NS Kang only on Debi’s Records

Haani, the latest hit single from the prolific Debi’s Records label, is delivering engaging new Punjabi songs day by day. With its availability on leading streaming platforms, the uplifting track is poised to attract a vast audience not only in India but also worldwide. Music enthusiasts worldwide can easily access “Haani” and add its feel-good vibes to their playlists.

Producers Behind Haani

Haani brings together some of the most talented creators in Punjabi music. Leading the track is vocalist NS Kang, whose emerging singing talent has unique and melodious voice. Babbi’s poetic lyrics have been skillfully brought to life by NS Kang’s dynamic performance. This combination of great lyricism and vocal talent has significantly enhanced the mood and meaning behind the song.

Responsible for crafting the music for this new hit single is Jashan James, an experienced producer and arranger. Known for consistently creating catchy melodies and powerful rhythms. James presents a beat-driven soundscape for Haani that blends traditional Punjabi folk elements with contemporary electronic production. The instrumental music and vocals create a dynamic setting to enhance the song’s appeal.

With the inclusion of such talented creators. It’s no wonder that Haani stands out as a remarkable new hit for Debi’s Records. The collaboration between singer NS Kang, lyricist Babbi Nangal Ambian, and musician Jashan James has resulted in a memorable new addition to the label’s catalog.

Haani Music Production

The music, audio, visuals, video, and graphics of the song were meticulously handled by After Sultan Company. Ensuring a seamless blend between the audio and visual appeal. Various visual elements were added to enhance the viewing experience.

The company’s graphic designers seamlessly integrated graphic elements into the footage, providing a stunning experience. Animated sequences complement the changing moods of the music, adding visual interest.

Early Reception:

Following its release, Haani received a positive response in its early days. Producers Sultan Gill discussed it briefly on his personal blog, indicating that it is being well-received by audiences. Additionally, Baldev Singh has commented on the discussion of upcoming songs by Debi’s Records. Indicating that Haani’s initial popularity is a promising sign.

Musical Style and Composition

Haani’s musical style is a fusion of traditional Punjabi folk music and contemporary pop sensibilities. The melody showcases an attractive hook with an inspiring rhythm that makes it instantly danceable. It creates an energetic sound that pays homage to traditional Bhangra music while also feeling fresh and modern.

Overall, Haani’s fusion sound effortlessly combines the old. The new injecting new life into Punjabi folk and creating a highly danceable and engaging pop song. The blend of traditional and modern elements in both music and lyrics gives this song widespread appeal across generations.


Introducing a new song into the Punjabi music scene, Haani is a symbol of another triumph for Debi’s Records. With its sweet melody by James, thoughtful lyrics by Babbi Nangal Ambian, and mesmerizing vocals by NS Kang, this song provides a beautiful blend of musicality and meaning.
As Debi’s Records continues to push boundaries and explore new sonic territories, Haani’s song is a notable new addition that will undoubtedly carve out its place among other esteemed Punjabi songs. Its catchy tune and captivating lyrics ensure that it will touch the hearts of listeners for years to come.

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