Debi’s Records is a thriving musical hub based in Punjab, India,

operating as a Private Limited Company (Pvt. Ltd.) since its incorporation on June 14th, 2016. Our label is a testament to the transformative power of music, guided by a passion for creativity and a commitment to supporting artists.

Led by the visionary minds of Sultan Gill and Baldev Singh, both experienced individuals in the music industry, Debi’s Records has evolved into a dynamic force within the musical landscape. Their expertise, combined with a shared dedication to excellence, has shaped the label’s identity and aspirations.

We view music as a universal language that transcends barriers, and our mission is to amplify the voices of artists across genres and cultures. By providing a platform for creative expression, we empower musicians to share their stories, connect with audiences, and leave a lasting impact.

Our label stands as a hub of innovation, embracing diversity in musical styles and experiences. From classical melodies to contemporary beats, we curate a collection that resonates with a wide spectrum of listeners. This diversity fuels our creative energy and ensures that there’s something for everyone within our catalog.

Beyond music, Debi’s Records is deeply committed to community engagement and social impact. We recognize the potential of music to drive positive change, and we actively seek opportunities to collaborate with charitable initiatives that align with our values.

Join us in celebrating the magic of music. Whether you’re an artist, music enthusiast, or collaborator, we invite you to be part of the Debi’s Records journey. Explore the melodies, experience the emotions, and embrace the transformative power of music with us. Contact us today to learn more about our endeavors and upcoming projects.

Debi’s Records